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Save Extra 10% this Month. Checkout With Code = MYPET10
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Lotus Blossom Bronze Memorial Urn - Small - Holds Up to 40 Cubic Inches of Ashes

Original price $89.99
Current price $69.99

When you want to remember a beloved pet and the way it brightened your life every day, the symbolism in the OneWorld Memorials Small Lotus Blossom Pet Memorial Urn is a perfect choice.

The lotus flower rises from murky water to gracefully appear.

By using the lotus flower as the primary artwork in this dog run, we want to call upon that symbolism each time you think of your beloved pet.

Brass is a lightweight metal alloy made of 90% copper and 10% zinc. It gives off a bright golden appearance when polished.

Oftentimes, brass cremation urns are finished with bronze or pewter to strengthen the brass and to alter the color.

The bronze finish has a more reddish hue, whereas the pewter finish gives off a silver hue. Brass is also easy to cast in a mold as it is a malleable material that can be coated in enamel or paint.

It is used in multiple capacities for a wide variety of purposes and has a long history as a favored material for everything from cookery to fine art to metal cremation urns.

  • Traditionally Shaped Urn – With the pear shape of this urn, featuring a narrow base and a wider middle area, our lotus blossom dog urn is perfect for display anywhere in your home.
  • Hand-Carved Finish – Each piece has a nickel-plated finish with paint added in the outlines, meaning each cat urn is slightly different in design.
  • Lotus Flower Symbolism – The beauty of the lotus flower is how it rises from the depths of a pond to reach the sunlight, and this symbolism is perfect to help you remember the uplifting feeling your beloved departed pet gave you throughout its life.
  • Dimensions: 5.30 Inches High, 4.20 Inches Wide. 4.20 Inches Long. Capacity: Ideal for a body weight of up to 40 pounds prior to cremation.

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