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Paws of Love Bronze - 80 Cubic Inches Purple Dog Cremation Urn

Original price $89.99
Current price $79.99

Traditionally shaped and carrying a purple satin enamel finish covered with hand-carved pewter paw prints of all sizes, this is a beautiful homage to a beloved pet. To add your personal touch to this urn, you can purchase an engravable base.

Brass is a lightweight metal alloy made of 90% copper and 10% zinc. It gives off a bright golden appearance when polished. Oftentimes, brass cremation urns are finished with bronze or pewter to strengthen the brass and alter the color. The bronze finish has a more reddish hue, whereas the pewter finish gives off a silver hue. Brass is also easy to cast in a mold as it is a malleable material that can be coated in enamel or paint.

Dimensions: 7.00 Inches High, 5.10 Inches Wide. 5.10 Inches Long. Capacity: Ideal for a body weight of up to 80 pounds prior to cremation.

Engraved Paw Print Accents – We’ve used playful silver paw prints across the entire surface of the medium-sized urn to remind you of fun times spent playing with your beloved pet

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