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'Paw Print' Raku-Blue Urn

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Raku is a type of Japanese pottery, characterized by its firing techniques and valued for its unpredictable results and burst of colors.

Brass is a lightweight metal alloy made of 90% copper and 10% zinc.

It gives off a bright golden appearance when polished. Oftentimes, brass cremation urns are finished with bronze or pewter to strengthen the brass and to alter the color. The bronze finish has a more reddish hue, whereas the pewter finish gives off a silver hue.

Brass is also easy to cast in a mold as it is a malleable material that can be coated in enamel or paint. It is used in multiple capacities for a wide variety of purposes and has a long history as a favored material for everything from cookery to fine art to metal cremation urns.

Our brass cremation urns showcase the fine balance this diverse material offers. The beauty and functionality of brass have given it a high standing among metals and alloys, and it is among the most popular choices in our large selection of cremation urns for ashes.

  • Celebrate the life of your pet with this raku paw print heart cremation keepsake.
  • Two copper colored paw prints accent the center of the heart memorial keepsake.
  • Dimensions: 2.90 Inches High, 2.70 Inches Wide. Capacity: Ideal for a body weight of up to 3 pounds prior to cremation.