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ELEGANCE Series Caskets - 3 Colors, Sizes and Styles

ELEGANCE Series Caskets - 3 Colors, Sizes and Styles

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Celebrate the enduring bond with your beloved pet through a farewell that mirrors the elegance and love you shared. The Pet Memory Shop® ELEGANCE Series Caskets stand as the pinnacle of sophistication and care, crafted for those who desire to commemorate their pet’s journey with unparalleled dignity. This series enhances the farewell experience with its satin lining, laced pillow, coverlet, and a plush mattress made of elegant satin, setting a new standard for honoring your cherished companion.

  • Satin lining, coverlet, and mattress with a laced pillow
  • Reliably sealed for extra security
  • Protects against scavengers
  • Sophisticated, heartfelt final tribute

Why Non-Biodegradable?

While biodegradable caskets might seem like an environmentally friendly option, they unfortunately leave our beloved pets vulnerable to scavengers. This risk is heightened by the fact that the chemicals used in euthanasia can be harmful to wildlife that might come into contact with the remains. Our pets have given us unconditional love and deserve to be honored with a proper burial, not just placed in a bag in a hole. The Pet Memory Shop® Casket offers a secure, respectful alternative, ensuring a peaceful rest without compromising the safety of other animals.

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Ensure a Dignified Journey for Your Pet to the Rainbow Bridge

Luxury and Love in Every Detail

The ELEGANCE Series is meticulously designed for those who wish nothing but the best for their pets. The interior is lined with silk/satin, accompanied by a delicately laced pillow and a satin coverlet, ensuring that your pet’s final resting place is as comfortable and dignified as possible.

Enduring Peace and Protection

Crafted with the integrity to withstand the test of time, these caskets are non-biodegradable, air-tight, and water-tight. They offer exceptional protection, preserving the sanctity of your pet’s final resting place against nature’s unpredictability. The casket’s sturdy construction and double-sided sealing tape guarantee a permanent, secure seal.

Tranquil Rest in Supreme Serenity

With the ELEGANCE Series, your pet’s resting place is safeguarded from any external disturbances. This series promises a tranquil environment that honors your pet’s legacy in the peacefulness and respect it warrants.

Exquisite Quality Meets Thoughtful Care

The ELEGANCE Series epitomizes our commitment to providing an honorable, beautiful resting place for your pet. These caskets surpass conventional offerings, reflecting the profound love and respect between you and your pet, making the final farewell as beautiful as the life celebrated.

A Majestic Tribute to a Cherished Companion

Choosing the ELEGANCE Series Casket is a testament to the incredible journey shared with your pet. It’s more than a burial option — it’s a way to express the deepest love and respect for your companion, ensuring their legacy is remembered in grace and beauty. No vaulting necessary; this is a place of peace, dignity, and unmatched elegance for your beloved pet to rest.

Customer Reviews

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The depth

It wasn’t very deep makes it hard for you to put you dog that you love dearly in it. But it was beautiful.

Nice casket

Unfortunately one of my male yorkies won’t be here much longer son I ordered him this nice little ! Seem to be well made and has sealing gasket to make waterproof ! The shipping was great it got heat in a few days in perfect condition! Would order from them again

Good resting place for my beloved kitty

The medium size was perfect for my cat, and I like that the coffin is waterproof and comes with a sealer so no critters can get in and disturb my honey from his eternal sleep. The fabric to go on the inside was nice as well as the little pillow.

Anonymous Customer
Beautiful little casket

I got the size medium for my cat and wished I had gotten a large. I folded up the sheet that comes with it and put it under the pillow to give it more of a pillow look. We had already decided that because she loved to sleep under the Christmas tree, that we would wrap her up in the tree skirt.

We were able to fit 1/2 of the tree skirt, her comb, flowers around her body and her Christmas stocking that said "Good Kitty" inside it. I wanted to put in more but ran out of room so if you want to add stuff like me, go all the way up to the large. She was my little baby, so why not?

I like that it is sealed up and hard plastic so she remains in there without the critters (fox/skunk, etc) digging her up. And it should not leach toxins from her body into the soil.

I also loved the blue color of the inside.

Now I have to wait until the ground thaws to bury her and plant her a little pine tree. I'm glad she is in this all sealed up for the time being.

John Nader
Cat coffin

This was a very difficult time for me to bury my 19 year old cat, Chloe. This coffin was better than burying her in a cardboard box from the vet. I just wish the glue tape was already placed and a recommended way or tips on how to wrap the animal.