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CARING Series Caskets - 3 Colors, Sizes & Styles

CARING Series Caskets - 3 Colors, Sizes & Styles

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Honor your cherished pet's memory with a dignified farewell. The Pet Memory Shop® Casket offers a respectful and affordable resting place, ensuring a loving tribute to the bond you shared.

  • Cost-effective, respectful goodbye
  • Reliably sealed for extra security
  • Protects against scavengers
  • No vaulting needed, absolute peace

Why Non-Biodegradable?

While biodegradable caskets might seem like an environmentally friendly option, they unfortunately leave our beloved pets vulnerable to scavengers. This risk is heightened by the fact that the chemicals used in euthanasia can be harmful to wildlife that might come into contact with the remains. Our pets have given us unconditional love and deserve to be honored with a proper burial, not just placed in a bag in a hole. The Pet Memory Shop® Casket offers a secure, respectful alternative, ensuring a peaceful rest without compromising the safety of other animals.

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Ensure a Dignified Journey for Your Pet to the Rainbow Bridge

Respectful and Loving Send-off

Crafted with high-impact polystyrene, our Pet Memory Shop® Casket ensures your beloved pet's journey to the rainbow bridge is honored in a manner they deserve. Its sturdy construction and double-sided sealing tape guarantee a permanent, secure seal.

Durable Protection

Our caskets are designed to last; they are non-biodegradable, air-tight, and water-tight, safeguarding against external pressures and ensuring your pet's final resting place is undisturbed. They’re composed of of two-piece, high-impact polystyrene material and include double-sided sealing tape for guaranteed permanent sealing.

Guard Against Nature

Rest easy knowing your pet's resting place is secure from scavengers and environmental contaminants. Our robust design eliminates the risk of unwanted intrusion and pollution.

Quality and Value

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality at the best price. Our caskets are not just any ordinary plastic; they are built to withstand the test of time without cracking, bending, or breaking.

Honor Your Pet's Legacy

Our pets are our family. The Pet Memory Shop® Casket provides a far more fitting tribute than a simple burial, truly honoring the love and memories shared. No vaulting necessary, just a peaceful, protected place for your pet to rest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Good box

Sturdy, durable, would by again.

Meghan S.
Very sturdy. Great quality

We bought this for our sweet pup. It is exactly what we needed. It was true to size based on the description. Very sturdy material. So glad we found it! We got the black one & used metallic sharpies to let my children decorate it for their doggy.

Anonymous Customer
Great casket.

To bury my lil girl in my backyard.

two thumbs up
Appears to be very durable

Although I have not laid my beloved kitty to rest yet (he is ill), I am glad to have this for him. Got the size Med, he is about 15lbs.

Great Buy

This was perfect for me to bury my Bichon Friese, it is sturdy great quality definitely worth the cost I highly recommend.