Experiencing Synchronicities

Experiencing Synchronicities

People that have experienced a loss often only share the concept of synchronicity with those that have gone through the same thing.

  • There is a sense of misunderstanding when you try to relate these situations with those that have never experienced it; and so most pet parents that have lost their beloved family members are quiet about it until others open the door to conversation to indicate what has happened to them.
  • Synchronicity in loss is basically conditions that happen that relate to the one that has passed that occurred when they were alive as well as unusual situations that begin to happen as a pattern.
  • Many people will simply turn to you and say “look for signs” and indeed you may have already noticed things happening that you don’t have an explanation for.
  • With our pets it may be the sound of their collar, the small bell that was attached, hearing their voice as they ask you for their food or even the movement of their bowl on the floor.
  • There are a number of signs and yours will be very personal to your pet, yourself and your family. People of all faiths have had these experiences as well as those that have little or no religious preferences.

Science tells us that this is part of the natural brain process of expectation.

We have developed a routine of what we anticipate to hear or see with our pets and this is especially true if they had a long and happy life with us. However, science cannot explain the rare moments that occur that are so out-of-the-norm that they stand out.

You may begin to see a repetitive situation such as a name, number or even specific things. Those that become aware of the synchronicities look to them in a spiritual manner as if our pets are with us and even telling us that they are ok.

Pet Loss Experiencing Synchronicities

Your environment is filled with the memories and life of your beloved pet so it isn’t uncommon to see a rare tuft of fur or walk into a room a smell their unique odor.

But some have reported getting a sense of sudden extreme cold and then seeing visual movements as well as sounds that were specific to their pet.

It is thought that spirits drain the energy of an area and in doing so, create a drop in temperature.

If you find that you are seeing or feeling the presence of your pet, accept it in a loving manner and even talk to them.

This will also be a way to help you through your grief and it is comforting to think that they may with you, even if it is momentary before their energy moves on.

Most people report that although some of these synchronicities seem to happen a lot in the beginning, they slow in appearance and some even state that they stop completely.

The latter occurs when you have come to better emotional terms with your loss and for those that have gone through it, they indicate that they feel their pet is comfortable in leaving. If you join a pet loss support group you will find that many openly share their experiences of synchronicity and it is at these moments that the move to the next levels of acceptance and love.

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