Pet Cremation what you should know

Making the Decision for Pet Cremation


Preparing for Pet Cremation


There comes a time when you need to make one of the most difficult decisions for your pet.

  • Whether through illness, old age or a combination, your next step in honoring the love of your family member is to ensure that they are not suffering. This is an emotional time and you will be consulting with your Veterinarian to get through the process.
  • They will be asking you a variety of questions and you will need clarity of thought to make these choices.
  • One of the most heartfelt decisions will be whether to have your pet cremated and this can be a more personalize option for you and your loved ones.
  • Cremation has become a more popular option over the last number of years and you will need to be aware of the various types of cremation. While each one carries a different financial cost, you need to make the choice that is a fit for you.
  • The three types of cremation are: private, comingled and partitioned. Private is the cremation of your pet alone. Partitioned is cremation with other animals, but separated.

Comingled is cremation with other animals.

Reading these descriptions may be hard, because we have a rough enough time with the actions themselves. However, if you are prepared for both the choices and the cost, it can help to ease the process.

You will also need to be reminded that once the decision is made, you will have to wait for the return of your pet’s ashes. This can often be as long as a few weeks and as you are getting through the grieving process you may experience a renewed emotional response when you arrive to collect the remains.

While this can be a sense of closure and a relief, you need to realize that it can also open the pain of loss and grief.

In planning your pet’s final journey, you will want to discuss options for pet urns.

This is another personal choice and urns are available in many tasteful and beautiful selections. Choose the urn that best fits the personality of your pet.

Although you may be feeling anxiety, know that if you are going to keep the urn in a location in your home, there will be a time that you can look upon it and smile, remembering all of the wonderful and happy times that you shared with your pet. Confer with other family members regarding the type of urn and get their feedback for their preference as well.

Talking about the passing is part of the grieving process and it will help to ensure that everyone participates in remembering your furred loved one.

 Making the Decision for Cremation

Another option that has been a viable choice is to choose a biodegradable urn for use in home or cemetery burial.

These are a wonderful way to honor your pet as they are made of biodegradable materials and include seeds that bring blooming flowers.Many add a burial marker to the location as a memorable way to add additional personalization.

Choosing cremation is a way to keep the memory of your pet close to your heart and is an exceptional option for the participation of family members.

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