Loss of a Pet Dog or Cat

Personalized Memorial Stones for Dogs, Cats and other Pets

dog headstones

Headstones are one of the ways in which families grieve the loss of someone they love.

  • It can be a family member, a close friend or even a pet. To some people, pets are no less than a family member so their loss can leave a huge void in their lives.
  • Sometimes, it is the little things that help give you closure and overcome the grief. If you want to immortalize your pet and remember them forever, then dog headstones will be a great way to commemorate their loss.
  • You can also make it personalized to etch your love and memories into a stone for a long time. Here are some tips that you can use to buy personalized headstones for dogs.

They must be designed to last for ages

The pet headstones that you choose for your dog should be built to last ages, if not a lifetime.

Granite and bronze headstones are common choice for people these days because they are sturdy and last for a very long time.

Your personalized dog memorial will stay intact for several years to come!

Choose from plenty of design options

Over the years, headstones for pets have become available in variety of design options.

You can also get them customized as per your choice. Sometimes people like to leave a message for their dogs or even put a photo engraved in the headstone that makes it fully personalized.

You can also choose amongst upright stones or flat stone markers. The design can contain anything from text, designs, and photos or even a simple name or message for the deceased.

The personalized headstones give you variety of options to design it the way you would want to. So mark that headstone with love and memory of your dog you remember so fondly.

Buying the Headstone

headstones for dogs

The decision to buy and design a headstone for your pet is not only painful but also a hard one.

As reminiscent it is of your loss, don’t be afraid to shop around for prices and the services offered by the monument dealers. Sometimes you will be able to do more justice to the pet headstone in fraction of a cost if you choose carefully.

You can request for quote from the funeral homes or monument dealers in your local area.

Another place where you can look for customized headstones for dogs is online stores.

With their comprehensive online catalogue and discounts, you may be able to find the perfect headstone to remember your favorite dog and that too without breaking a bank!

Headstones, be it for your family or for your pet, are an important method to help grieving families remember the loss of someone they love. Your pets have been with you through your thick and thin and have always offered their unconditional love.

The least you can do is give them a burial and a personalized memorial stone that seals your love eternally and reminds you of your bond with your dog.

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