Pet Memorial Services

Pet Memorial Services

Pet Memorial Service

A pet memorial service is a way that you can honor the life and wonder of your pet and share with all that knew and loved them.

There are many pet memorial cemeteries that can help you to coordinate the kind of service that is personalized for your furred loved one. Choosing a memorial service also helps to bring a sense of closure and this is something with will be needed as you and your family go through the grieving process.

Just as we mourn the loss of our human friends and family, we need to understand the importance of grieving for our furred family members.

Including family and friends in a memorial service can be a way to assist in accepting the loss.

Pet funerals have become an integral method to work through the pain and this is verified by Alan Wolfet, grief counselor and director of the Center for Loss & Life Transition.

Pet Memorial Services

If you are planning a memorial service for your pet you will want to consider whether you will make use of a pet funeral home and cemetery or have a memorial service at your home.

Making use of a pet memorial cemetery also means that you can take advantage of their specialized services. This is important as you and your family will be going through an emotional journey.

Pet Memory Services

Whether you select a memorial center or at home, there are a few considerations for planning that will help to ease the process.

  • You will need to coordinate with your Veterinarian to pick up your pet’s ashes after cremation. Talk with the memorial center about their facilities and arrangements offered.
  • Consider preplanning with a purchase of an urn, customized burial marker, memorial picture or plaque, or urn pendant.
  • Each of these can mark the time and location and help you and everyone that loved your pet to get through your loss.
  • Make sure you have invited all of those that want to attend a memorial service. Treat this in the same way that you would a human memorial service.
  • This is a way for everyone to say their goodbyes and you will want to encourage individuals to come forward for a eulogy, speak of happy times and say prayers.
  • Surround the location with positive pictures of your pet to celebrate their life. Some are even including a video compilation so that everyone can relive the happiest times of your pet’s life.
  • Memorializing your furred family member is one of the ways that you can honor the life that you shared with the loved one that had a bond with all.

While it will be an emotional journey, it allows you to send your pet across the rainbow bridge with love and adoration.

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