Select the right Pet Urn

Selecting a Personal Pet Urn

When you have the loss of a pet there are many decisions that you have to make, even when you are in a state of distress.

Most choose pet cremation and yet there is one additional choice that is required for containment. Selecting a pet urn is not only important, but it is incredibly personal for your beloved one.

This will be also be an important step if you are going to have a cat or dog memorial service.

Take the time that you need to review each of the urn choices.

You will know the correct one when you see it as it rings true with the love and devotion of your family member that has passed.

Biodegradable urns have become some of the most popular.

These are available for pet families that have made the choice for ground burial or sprinkling the ashes at a favorite location. You and your family should have the discussion and make the decision together.

There is never any rush on the timing, as this should be something that you all feel right about. Your pet was part of the natural order and returning them to Mother Earth can be one of the greatest gifts that you give.

Metal Pet urns are some of the most creative and beautiful.

Brass urns bring the sheen and brightness that reflects the joy and happiness that you shared with your family pet. They are available in an array of designs that can honor your pet and fit every décor.

Lead Crystal urns

The elegance and beauty of lead crystal not only reflects the love of your pet but shines in the light, giving off glints of color. Each one is carefully crafted and have an almost angelic appearance.

Leather and Wooden Pet urns are made from the highest quality sources with intricate patterns or even pet images. These are available in an assortment of finishes and shapes, denoting the rich natural textures and tones that bring a sense of warmth and comfort.

Photo Pet urns give you and your family the opportunity to insert your favorite picture of your departed loved one.

The wooden urns have been one of the best selections as they can be placed in a favorite location giving everyone the ability to remember the wonderful memories that you all shared.

Keepsake Urn Jewelry has become part of the accessories that are added to the urn as a lasting and loving touch. 

Gracefully placed over the urn, they are available in so many shapes and designs as well as silver or gold tones. This can be an item that the family chooses together, as a way to demonstrate their love and affection.

 Selecting a Personal Pet Urn

Making a choice of a pet urn can help to transition the pain of grief and sorrow into something that you can recognize as the blessing that you had in sharing a life with your beloved pet.

It is a moment in time that represents an era of devotion and commitment and one that you will look to, remember and smile.

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