People that Understand Your Pet Loss

Surrounding Yourself with People that Understand Your Loss

When you or your family experience a loss of a pet, there may be people that you know, work with or even other family members that don’t understand the intensity of your grief. 

They may be confused at your decision for a pet memorial, can’t comprehend why you might want a dog funeral or select pet cremation and even assume that you have had sufficient time to get through the grieving process and move on.

There is a unique and almost indescribable bond between you and your pets and during this time you need to surround yourself with people that understand what you are going through.

Pet loss support groups can be a direction that you might want to consider.

These are people that are sharing in the same intensity of loss and can often be a single sanctuary that you feel comfortable talking about your emotions. 

It’s critical that you allow yourself to go through the grief that you feel in your heart and these support groups are an incredible resource for you and any family members that might want to be with you.

Surrounding Yourself with People that Understand Your Loss

  • Those that comprehend how you are feeling may also suggest that you honor your pet with memorial pet jewelry in the form of pet keepsake pendants.
  • This is also an exceptional idea to give to other members of your family, especially children, who may feel the loneliness and vulnerability that comes along with pet loss.
  • Children have the most difficulty processing the pain of loss in death and you will need to do anything that you can to help them through it all.
  • Those that understand also realize that talking about your loss is an important factor. Bottling your emotions up without release is one of the worst things that you can do.
  • This is why it’s a priority to be around others that comprehend the confusion and sadness and have gone through it themselves.

It is not uncommon for those that share in your loss to give a gift of a pet portrait.

This is something that can be loved by individuals of all ages and allows them to look lovingly as time passes.

We know that eventually the sadness and loss is replaced with happy memories and anything that can be added as part of their daily lives will help them to get through these difficult times.

When you are moving through the various stages of grief you will want to have people to talk to, cry with and share your stories with.

The love and devotion of a pet is something that not all understand, so make sure that you tap into your network of friends and family that not only recognize what you are going through, but understand the pain and anguish that you are feeling.

Remove yourself and any conversation away from people that try to demean your emotions and instead, surround yourself with the love and light of those that have had the unique experience in loving a pet as you have.

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