Talk about Your Pet Loss

Talking about Your Loss is Part of The Healing Process

As humans, we experience an entirely different level of grief in the loss of a pet.

Our pets exist in a state of complete innocence and devotion to us that isn’t shared by the people around us.

While you might have gone through the motions of pet cremation, a dog funeral or even a pet memorial, it is critical that you also talk about your loss so that you can heal.

Communication is part of the grieving process and if you are in a family unit, you will want to include those that shared the life of your beloved pet as part of the conversation.

This is especially true when you have kids. Children have the most problems processing the loss of their pet and talking about it will help them to understand the cycle of life.

Each individual carries their own grieving process and there is neither a time limit nor any one method of getting through your grief. For some, it may carry on for a number of months; for others it takes years.

However, talking about the life that you shared with your pet as well as remembering the good and even funny things that they did will help you transcend from the intensity of loneliness in a life without them to one that brings back happy memories.

We are social creatures and when your heart is filled with the love of a pet, there is a not only a need but a requirement to talk about your experiences and your feelings with others.

Make sure that you surround yourself with those that understand.

These are people that have had the same bond with their pets and know the pain that you are going through.

They will be there for you, through the tears and the sorrow and help you as you make your way towards healing.

You will go through varying levels of grief, wishing that things could be the way that they were, not wanting to have this “new normal” and being awash with anxiety and sadness.

These are the times that you will need those that understand close at hand. They will let you know that this is part of the price that we pay for loving our pets so deeply.

They don’t live as long as we do and no matter what we do, they will pass and we will miss them so terribly.

Talking about Your Loss is Part of The Healing Process

Healing will come, and yes time will allow it to happen but it’s important that you recognize both the logical and the emotional aspects of losing a pet.

Take actions that assist you personally. Whether you select a keepsake pendant, plaque or even a painting, these should complement the ability to talk about and share the wonderful life that you had with your pet.

There is no other wonder in life that compares to the unique relationship and bond as one that is of a pet parent and a furred or feathered member.

Cherish the memories and know that you had blessings in your life.

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