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Angel of Friendship Hand-Sculpted Hand-Painted Memorial Figurine

Angel of Friendship Hand-Sculpted Hand-Painted Memorial Figurine

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The Angel of Friendship is a meaningful celebration of the spirit of friendship, making it an ideal gift for those special connections in our lives, including pet lovers. These angels, resonating across various cultures and ages, symbolize protection, inner peace, or a memorial for those who have passed, depending on the individual's interpretation.

Crafted with care, each hand-carved figure communicates emotion through subtle gestures alone—be it the tilt of a head, the placement of hands, or a turn of the body, allowing for a personal connection with the observer. Encased in fitted packaging, each angel comes with a gift-giving card that carries the piece's title and sentiment, inviting interpretation and personal significance to the viewer.

These pieces go beyond the physical presence of the figure, aiming to evoke emotions and commemorate memories," says artist Susan Lordi. The 5-inch hand-painted resin figure, complete with wire wings, is ready to enhance any shelf, table, or mantel. To maintain its beauty, simply dust with a soft brush or cloth, avoiding water and cleaning solvents. This piece, originating from Lordi's studio in Kansas City, MO, is a tangible representation of friendship's enduring spirit, meticulously cast from her original carving and painted by hand.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    James Combs

    Fast delivery - easy and perfect item delivered.

    Alice Aurilio

    The angel and the puppy are really well sculpted and painted. I gave this to a friend who had recently adopted a puppy and she was thrilled with it:)

    Anonymous Customer

    Got for a friend whose fur baby had passed away recently. She was so grateful for this sweet remembrance.

    Michelle Stanton

    The packaging was excellent and the angel was perfectly intact. A beautiful angel we bought for ourselves after losing our dog. It gives us comfort seeing it alongside pictures of our boy.


    Great price. Perfect gift for the loss of a family pet.