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Ceramic Forever in Our Hearts Urn (Gold)

Ceramic Forever in Our Hearts Urn (Gold)

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Indefinitely honor the memory of your cherished pet with this exquisite cat or dog paw print keepsake urn.

  • Featuring a securely sealed wooden lid to ensure utmost closure, this urn serves as a timeless tribute, adorned with the poignant phrase "forever in our hearts" and a delicate gold paw print atop its white ceramic design with gold accents.
  • As you bid farewell to your beloved companion, their ashes can be carefully placed inside the urn, preserving their memory for eternity.
  • Compact yet elegant, Pearhead’s ceramic pet memory jar is designed to seamlessly integrate into any home décor, fitting effortlessly on shelves, tabletops, or desks.
  • Dimensions of 4.25” W x 5.5” H x 4.25” D, suitable for pets up to 45lbs.
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Customer Reviews

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Laurine Laxer

I have been carrying my dog's ashes around, through countries, in the box of them I received in 1986. I decided it was time to honor Loki with a proper urn and chose this one. It does not fit all of the ashes, but I kept some in the urn to scatter with mine when the time comes. I am taking the rest home to scatter in his favorite swimming river.


The urn is just as pictured and very pretty, however, the lid does not go tight at all. It comes right off.


What a beautiful piece. It seems very sturdy and in great quality. Rest in peace, Skye. ❤️


Love this little urn for my kitty.
Fit his ashes just fine with room to spare.

anonymous Customer

Had a German shepherd. He must have weighted 40-50 lbs wen he passed. His ashes barely made it in. Had to consistently tap it to settle to get the lid on. Got all of the ashes in but that was close. Double check.