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Custom Photo & Engraved Heart-Shaped Memorial Burial Marker (Indoor / Outdoor)

Custom Photo & Engraved Heart-Shaped Memorial Burial Marker (Indoor / Outdoor)

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Honor your cherished pet's memory with a heartfelt tribute: "If love could have saved you...You would have lived forever." This touching message serves as a beautiful sympathy gift, embodying the love and significance your pet brought into your life.

About the Product:

-Emotional Tribute: A loss that words cannot fully capture, the departure of a pet is deeply felt. This memorial decoration, perfect for any space, helps keep the memory of your beloved pet alive, whether placed on a memorial table, a bookshelf, or in their favorite spot in the garden.
-Versatile Decor: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, this tribute can be placed anywhere you wish to remember your furry friend.
- Artistic Representation: While aiming for a 75-95% likeness to your pet, the hand-drawn nature of the product means each piece is unique. Digital effects such as oil painting, watercolor, or sketch are tailored to fit the style of each portrait, with initial design approval by you.
- Preview and Corrections: Within 24-48 hours of ordering, you'll receive a preview and have the opportunity to request adjustments to ensure it meets your expectations.
- Guarantee: While returns are not accepted, we ensure satisfaction. If any issues arise due to manufacturing defects or damage upon arrival, we will replace the item at no additional cost, ensuring peace of mind.

Celebrate the unforgettable bond with your pet, keeping their spirit close with this bespoke memorial piece, crafted with love and care to reflect the beauty of the memories shared.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Seller was responsive and helpful. Gift was extremely well received by friend. She loves it.

Kathleen Clevenger

Loved it, it turned out beautiful!

Margaret Lobner

The product was as promised


Affordable and very cute gift for a friend


Photo quality was great, and this item was exactly what was expected