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Customized Angel Cat Sleeping On Pillow Cremation Urn

Customized Angel Cat Sleeping On Pillow Cremation Urn

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The Custom Engraved Angel Cat Sculpture Urn is a beautiful embodiment of your love for your departed feline companion. Handcrafted from high-quality resin for both durability and elegance, it features advanced laser engraving to capture your pet's name, significant dates, and memorial words with precision. This urn is a lasting tribute that honors their memory with the dignity and love they deserve.

  • Meticulously handcrafted from designer-quality composite resin
  • Painted by hand to capture the tranquility of your beloved pet at rest
  • Offers a secure and discreet ash containment
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized cats

Create a lasting homage to your treasured friend, capturing their spirit and preserving their memory with grace.


  • Measures 8.7 inches by 7.5 inches by 4.6 inches
  • Capacity of 65 cubic inches, suitable for most cats weighing up to 30 lbs
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Customer Reviews

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This is a very nice memorial to a pet. I was very pleased with the quality and fine detail and the engraving is a nice addition. Very pleased - Thank you


After almost a year of coming to terms that my best friend was gone - it was time to find him a new resting spot. I’ll admit it was hard trying to make a decision without breaking down but the family settled on this beautiful design.

Kinks (Cons): no actual secure latch/cap. The cap is not rubberized to prevent your friend from being sprinkled all over the place (I’ll admit he loved being all over but we can’t have that now lol). So we had to put in a little extra work to make sure he didn’t get sprinkled around. We came up with the solution of stuffing a ziplock bag inside and just funneling him inside the bag. It took us FOREVER (he was a chunkster) so yea there was a lot of crying and laughing while we were squeezing him in there lol. I was then suggested I could’ve just bought or used a glue gun to secure the top in place not sure how long that would’ve lasted but I feel more confident in the ziplock.

Overall: love design - hate that there was no actual way to keep our friend inside without him being sprinkled everywhere.


I put my cat's ashes inside. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is absolutely everything I needed for my fur baby's remains.

Angel Belladonna

It is beautiful. But as others have mentioned, the opening at the bottom should be larger.
My kitty's ash would not fit through it while in the bag that the crematory gave me.

If your cat's ashes do not fit while bagged, try this... It worked very well for me.
You will need 2 things -

1. "Elastic Food Bowl Storage Cover". Find in stores near plastic sandwich bags or search on Amazon.

2. Either a metal twist tie, or small rubber band, or the smallest size zip tie.

Take the bowl cover and leave the elastic ends out, push the rest into the opening. Put your fingers in the hole and push the plastic to the inside walls the best you can; so it is opened inside and not bunched up right inside.
Open your current ash bag and have someone else hold the elastic edge of the cover so it won't go inside the hole. Pour some of the ashes in the hole slowly. The give the container a small shake so the ashes spread out inside, and continue pouring. After all ashes are inside, gather the elastic on the outside and tie it together with your zip tie, or twist tie or rubber band. Then push it all inside.


It took me quite some time to find the perfect resting place for my baby. I finally came across this by accident and what a beautiful accident it was. The size is able to accommodate larger pets, but worked just fine for my 10lb baby with room to add things, such as her favorite toy and her collar. I finally have some peace knowing she's at rest safe and sound.