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Pet Photo Memory Box and Paw Print + Ink Kit

Pet Photo Memory Box and Paw Print + Ink Kit

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Honor your beloved pet with this versatile wooden keepsake box, designed not only as a beautiful display for your favorite photo of them but also as a cherished urn. This memory box is perfect for preserving the treasured moments of your cat or dog's life.

  • Overall size: 10.11” W x 7.87” H x 4.48” D
  • Photo and print openings sized for 4” L x 6” W images
  • Includes a package of soft, air-drying clay, a ruler, and double-sided tape for crafting a paw print impression
  • 100% pet-safe clay that requires no mixing or baking

Simply knead and roll out the clay, then press your pet’s paw gently to create a lasting impression. Mistakes are no issue; you can re-do the print as needed. After creating the perfect print, let it dry for 1-2 days before securing it with tape to the background board.

The box’s hinged design allows for easy access to place keepsakes and favorite items of your pet inside. Display this memory box on a bookshelf or table to keep your pet's memory alive and close to your heart.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews

My Sister had our beloved dog “lady” cremated and we have her remains, this case is an excellent way to display lady’s remains in her home, honoring her memory

Mandy Beach

This is a very nice box to display your pets memory

Anonymous Customer

We ordered one of these to put a picture of our dog along with her paw print since she unfortunately just passed away. We love it! It is great being able to look at those whenever we want and it has storage in the back for her collar and dog tags.


Was able to put my pet photo and all her keepsakes in one place. Beautifully constructed box.

Lisa Choate

Unfortunately this is the 2nd one we've purchased :( it is very sturdy, very well built, and very pretty!!