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Hand-Painted Upright Wooden Pet Cremation Urn (Many Colors Available)

Hand-Painted Upright Wooden Pet Cremation Urn (Many Colors Available)

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Simple and elegant wooden urn with a paw print design.

Wooden urns have been used for centuries as a way to memorialize loved ones who have passed away. The natural beauty and warmth of wood make it a popular choice for those seeking a dignified and respectful way to honor their loved one's memory.

Wooden pet urns are made from renewable resources and can be recycled or biodegraded after use.

Wood is a sturdy and long-lasting material that can protect your pet's remains for years to come.

Fractal Burning: A Personal Touch

Fractal Burning is a unique technique that involves burning intricate designs into the wood's surface. This technique creates a beautiful and personalized tribute to your loved one's memory. Fractal burning, also known as Lichtenberg burning, is a technique that uses high-voltage electricity to create unique patterns in wood. The process involves applying a conductive solution to the wood and then running an electrical current through it, creating a pattern of branching lines that resemble lightning strikes. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Amy Jade

Beautiful and great quality. Perfect for my kitty's ashes.

Tina Dowling

Beautiful! The perfect way to honor our fur baby.

Krissy B

Beautiful to house my beloved pet’s ashes!

Matthew Fischer

Had some issues, but the overall urn is great

paulette smith

Beautiful and so special for our fur baby