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Artist Hand-Painted Custom Dog Urn (Hand Painting Urn to Match Your Pet)

Artist Hand-Painted Custom Dog Urn (Hand Painting Urn to Match Your Pet)

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Losing a cherished pet is profoundly difficult, yet having a bespoke tribute can bring comfort and preserve the memory of your beloved dog in a uniquely special way. Our artist-crafted urn offers a one-of-a-kind memorial, intricately hand-painted and designed to encapsulate the essence of your furry friend.

Crafted to resemble your pet, this urn allows you to store their ashes or simply serve as a distinctive reminder of your precious companion. The urn's design is thoughtfully cylindrical, with a hemispherical lid representing your dog's head, ensuring the design's integrity. It features detailed painting of your dog's face and fur, with added attention to the paws and a sculpted tail, making it a masterpiece of commemoration.

Urn Sizes:
Small Urn: For pets up to 36.5 lbs, 500ml capacity. Dimensions: 3.54" diameter, 6.10" height.
Medium Urn: For pets up to 55.11 lbs, 1000ml capacity. Dimensions: 4.13" diameter, 8.27" height.
Large Urn:** For pets up to 77.16 lbs, 1.3 liters capacity. Dimensions: 4.92" diameter, 9.45" height.
Extra Large Urn: For pets up to 110.23 lbs, 1.7 liters capacity. Dimensions: Detailed upon request.

These urns are formed from white clay or earthenware, adorned with inorganic pigments for a watercolor effect, and finished with a transparent glaze, ensuring each piece is a unique work of art, entirely handmade and hand-painted.

To capture your dog's uniqueness, provide photos highlighting distinctive features and body parts (head, ears, tail, etc.). This ensures the urn accurately reflects your pet's characteristics, making it an unparalleled tribute.

Production & Delivery:
Creation and delivery range from three to four weeks, depending on the urn's complexity. This timeframe is a testament to the care and detail invested in each piece.

Embrace the memory of your dog with this exquisitely crafted urn, a touching homage to your friend that transcends the ordinary, ensuring their spirit remains close to you in a form as unique and loving as they were.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Liliana Morales

This item is made with attention to even the smallest detail. I ordered mine (and paid a bit extra) with the eyes open and Ana was very accommodating. Barruntando went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and I cannot even put in words how beautiful my urn is. Totally worth the time, money, and energy put into getting this urn.

Aiden Guzman

Looks just like my little old lady. Matched her pictures well and the quality is great. They even got her little silver hairs on her head correct. I cried when I saw it and couldn’t be happier. Thank you

Amy Scarlata

So wonderful - I have used this vendor two times and both were great.

Andrea Montalvo

This is a beautiful tribute to my dog. It looks exactly like him. The shop was easy to work with and made sure they had enough pictures to get the design right. Thank you!

Sergio Perez

Simply beautiful, impossible to regret the purchase