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Pet Memorial Wind Chime 35" | Remembrance Gift in Memory

Pet Memorial Wind Chime 35" | Remembrance Gift in Memory

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Honor the eternal bond with your departed furry friend with our Pet Memorial Wind Chimes. These chimes stand gracefully at 35 inches from the top hook to the wind sail, offering a soothing melody that echoes the cherished memories of your pet.

  • Measures 35 inches in total length, providing a substantial and graceful presence in any outdoor or indoor space
  • Features five aluminum tubes, ranging in length from 10.2 to 13.4 inches, designed to produce soft, comforting sounds that soothe the soul
  • Symbolizes the Rainbow Bridge, serving as a reminder that your beloved pet is at peace, free from pain and suffering
  • Ideal for expressing sympathy and providing solace during times of grief, making it a thoughtful gift for anyone mourning the loss of a cherished pet

Let our Pet Memorial Wind Chimes be a source of comfort and a beautiful reminder of the love shared with your pet, helping to bring peace to your heart during times of mourning.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Bunny Love

    Beautiful presentation
    Strong made box & a very nice Rainbow bridge poem card included
    Excellent quality, very well made
    This will bring comfort to those who love hearing the chimes in the wind
    This would be appropriate for any fur family loss

    Susan Edwards

    Great way to keep someone’s memory alive


    My friend was very pleased with the Pet Memorial Wind Chime.


    My dog just passed and I hung this outside my front window so i can hear her everyday:) it's beautiful, honestly

    Pamela Martin

    Gave it as a gift to a friend who lost her frenchie at a young age, it is so pretty and she loved it