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Rare Egyptian Anubis Dog Urn by Pet Memory Shop

Rare Egyptian Anubis Dog Urn by Pet Memory Shop

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Discover the elegance and dignity of our memorial urn, crafted from high-quality cold-cast resin with a bronze powder finish. This urn is designed to provide a dignified and lasting tribute to your loved one. Offering ample storage space for cherished memories and keepsakes, it combines functionality with heartfelt design.

  • To secure and preserve cherished contents, the easy-to-remove lid can be sealed with silicone adhesive gel or strong glue
  • Ample storage space with approximately 65-70 square inches, and dimensions of of H: 10" x W: 5" x L: 5"
  • Timeless design and durable construction, perfect for honoring the memory of your beloved pet

This memorial urn not only commemorates a life well-lived but also offers a tasteful and respectful way to keep your loved one's memory alive in your home.

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Slayton

Very nice, it is heavy.. well made .. great piece


I received this urn as a gift from my mom, who purchased it from this seller. It was for my ground who had a pointy nose like the god Anubis. The paint was applied absolutely perfectly and really felt like they took their time. It's a decent weight so it's less likely to fall and break open if lightly bumped. It's beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

Adding the ashes:
My dog's ashes only barely fit as she was a big dog (about 75lbs) and I had to make the top of the ashes into a cone shape to fit into the hollow lid, but she's all in there. I recommend using gloves and covering your surface with a plastic trash bag.

Securing the lid:
I used Gorilla Glue epoxy with the two separate tubes of resin and hardener on a paper plate. I mixed it with a popsicle stick and applied to the the lip the lid sits on with a toothpick. A few minutes later I tested it and found I left a couple gaps which I filled using the toothpick again. 5 minutes later the lid was fully secured and sealed.


A fine and distinguished resting place for my fallen animal friends. It seems brittle and I imagine it would not survive a fall.

Amber W.

This is so much better than I ever even imagined it could be. A perfect resting place for my lil mama, we called her Annubis puppa. Amazingly done, sturdy, good weight, and absolutely gorgeous

Liz V

This is the perfect urn for my beloved dog. It is even more beautiful in person.