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Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Urn by Pet Memory Shop

Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Urn by Pet Memory Shop

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Experience the unique charm and craftsmanship of the Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Urn by Pet Memory Shop. Crafted with Cold Cast bronze, this urn breaks the mold of conventional cremation containers. Neither bland nor ugly — this is a burial urn you can proudly display in any room, enhancing your space with its distinguished beauty.

  • Offers ample space at 9.5 inches tall, accommodating memories gracefully
  • A piece that adds artistic value to any decor, far from your average urn
  • Seamless ash placement with a user-friendly opening, easily secured
  • Channels the protective and joyful spirit of Bastet, the revered cat goddess

This urn stands out as a loving tribute, merging artistic integrity with the solemnity of remembrance under the benevolent gaze of Bastet.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Anonymous Customer

    Got it for a friend whos best friend had passed. He absolutely loves it


    it looks amazing, the details are very clean and look wonderful, the cold cast is of good quality and looks like a nice bronze, a beautiful final resting place for my beloved cat Buns

    Diana Etman

    Good quality with a great amount of detail.

    Jarl Seamus

    My 17 year old cat passed away and we wanted this for his ashes. He had a very elegant Egyptian look so a Canopic Jar is the perfect urn for his final repose.
    The detail and finish are flawless. The size is on the large side of perfect, and the overall effect of the jar is superb. and it was packed in that cheap, flaky styrofoam, but the jar itself was sealed in a bag, so no little pieces got stuck to it with annoying amounts of static. This made it a little easier to say goodbye to a long time friend.
    One nice feature, the lid has a solid bottom, it's flat, so it will be easy to secure it closed once we get him back. I have zero bad things to note about this item.

    Nicole Strega Jones

    What a beautiful piece . Doesn’t look or feel cheap . Great price and product