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Wooden Pet Photo Urn (4 Quotes Available)

Wooden Pet Photo Urn (4 Quotes Available)

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Honor your cherished pet with a sacred resting place. This premium urn, crafted from 100% natural pinewood, offers a dignified and personal tribute to your beloved animal companion. With ample space and a special slot for a cherished photo, it preserves treasured memories and celebrates the bond you shared.

  • Holds 140 cubic inches of ashes, suitable for various pet sizes
  • Features a 3.2" x 4.3" photo slot to personalize with your pet's picture
  • Handmade from premium natural pinewood for durability and beauty
  • Interior lined with soft black flannel for a respectful tribute
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Customer Reviews

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Laurine Laxer

I have been carrying my dog's ashes around, through countries, in the box of them I received in 1986. I decided it was time to honor Loki with a proper urn and chose this one. It does not fit all of the ashes, but I kept some in the urn to scatter with mine when the time comes. I am taking the rest home to scatter in his favorite swimming river.


Very beautiful, well made. A very fitting tribute to my sweet Karma


Absolutely perfect urn for my wonderful Siberian Husky, who shared my life for 16 lovely years. Beautiful, well made, great size, easy to use, and the inscription is ***PERFECT*** and fits her sweet companionship to a 'T'.

anonymous Customer

Made of great quality, having not used it


What a beautiful piece. It seems very sturdy and in great quality. Rest in peace, Skye. ❤️